Monday, 19 June 2006

Ideal Day

Its exam blues again!
You know what i've always creativity seems to really spike up when i'm just 2-3 days away from an important exam! I know, I know, bad girl, very very bad! But heck, You try to study integral calculus, Cost Functions and Forces of Interest for a week and you'll know what the Real meaning of the word "boredom" is!! So to vent out my utter disinterest in books right now, here I am, imagining some example of what I would consider my Ideal Day!

Here goes...

My ideal day has nothing to do with an early morning! Since I find it quite painful to wake up at the crack of dawn, my idea of a perfect day starts around..lets say...10ish. On this day, I would wake up, and find a big mug of tea by my bedside, with spiraling smoke gently steaming out of it. I would stay in bed, slowly sipping my tea, as someone ( Anyone ..) would come and draw the blinds, welcoming the pleasant morning sunlight into my room, and the gentle cool breeze, which would bring with it the whiff of freshness.

After a luxurious few moments of slowly sipping tea, and just looking out of the window, I'd get out of bed...and ideally, not be lazy enough to avoid getting ready right then. So yeah, I'd take a long hot shower, and of course, sing to my heart's desire while doing that for as long as I please. After that, I'd choose my favourite clothes from the wardrobe..that is a kurta top and a pair of jeans, then I'd calmly choose my costume jewelry, brush my hair, which btw, on my ideal day would choose to behave themselves and be long and wavy without being untidy! Then, I'd just slip into a pair of comfy slip-on sandals, yes cuz im basically too lazy to even wear anything that would involve me making an effort to put them on!

Having taken my time getting ready, I'd leisurely stride into the kitchen, where btw, my breakfast would be ready and waiting for me. I dont know how...but yeah, it just would! And what would it be? favourite..Fried egg and toast! To finish off, there would be cold-coffee with lots of foam and ice ready for me to gulp down!

Ok, breakfast done. Now its the perfect time ( yes, everything is perfect on this day!) to call my friends and find out what they're doing. I would call, and naturally, on my ideal day, they would all be free and excited at any idea I suggest. And what do I suggest? Yes... a picnic at the park!

As I'd wait for my picnic-basket to be ready ( Uffo, told you na, don't ask me how or who does just happens!), I'd turn on my computer..oh and of course since everything's going to be perfect, its going to be my new super cool laptop..which has Bose speakers accompanying it :p! Then, I'd listen to my favourite music while I check my mail and of course, my forgotten blog! I'd also chat with some of my friends online for sometime, and by the time i'm done, the lunch-basket would be ready.

Carrying the lunch, I'd go out, grab my bicycle, fit the basket in the carrier, and pedal off. There would be a very soothing breeze blowing my hair back and gently brushing by me, as I ride through a shaded secluded road which would lead to the park. The park itself would at the edge of a forest, with lots of shaded and rocky closures, a little tiny lake, and bicycle track cutting right through the middle of the dense forested area, which echoes with the sound of chirping birds.

After cycling for a bit, I'd find my group of friends, sitting under a huge tree, on the soft plush green grass, right by the lake, with sparkling clean water. I would arrive there, park my bike and start the chatter, which btw, would go on and on and on. We'd laugh, talk, tease each other, sing, play music, run around trying to catch each other. We'd play games like little kids, eat like hungry teenagers and ramble about ourselves like long-long adults. Then, after a while, we'd get a bit tired of the talking, so i'd pick a couple of my closest friends and maybe go for a stroll with them. Or, we'd all just decide to be quiet for a while, listening to soft melodious old Hindi music, which would fill the air with the magical feeling of serenity. In that case, i'd just find a quiet corner near the lake, put my feet in the welcoming water, and take out a piece of paper and a pencil, and draw whatever comes to my mind. With the music and silence to inspire me, even my sketch would come out to be just as I desire!

However, even on my perfect day, good things would have to come to an end. Come dusk, and we'd all pack up our picnic-stuff and ride off on our bicycles. We'd all decide to drop off our baskets and extra picnic-stuff home, and meet at a certain place in about half an hour's time. So, I would just get home, wash my face, change into some warmer nicer "night" clothes...which would be black btw, and just when I'd be done, my friends would come pick me up in their car.

We'd drive off to a shopping mall, which will be far enough for me enjoy the drive for a while, and close enough to not spend too much time in the car. After getting there, while some of us would browse the biggest clothes' store in the mall, others would go and get tickets for the night show of some really nice romantic-comedy which would be showing at the multiplex. We'd all then meet at the food-court, grab a quick bite to eat and settle in to watch a movie. The movie, of course, would be very sweet, very funny, very romantic and Not lame at all! So we'd all enjoy it ( yes..ALL..even the guys!) and come out of the theatre happy! Then, we'd decide to go to one of our houses, for coffee!

We'd pick the biggest and nicest house to go to, which obviously wouldnt have pesky neighbours to shut us up, cuz of course, we would be very noisy. There, with the hot coffee brewing, the guitar would come out again. We'd sip hot brewing coffee, with chocolate chip cookies ( heck why not!) and sing the best of the best songs that we can recall! Time would just fly and when it would be around 4ish in the morning, and my eyes would be drooping of sleep, one of my friends, would just offer to drop me home.

So i'd be dropped off home...and end the day crashing in my soft warm cosy welcoming bed, after looking out of the window for the last the twinkling little diamonds in the sky and the smiling shining bright full moon. Before finally switching off my bed-lamp, I'd just write 4 words in my personal diary..."I love my Life"...

Yes, thats it, thats my Ideal Day..and so what if its too what if i'm too dreamy..and hope for too what if i Know that such a day may not ever come in my life...I can still dream right?

So yeah..this was my Ideal Day...what's yours like?


Munir said...

Well... You are dreamy, and I am glad you admitted that in the end. Well, it depends, you never know, an ideal day may come in your life.

For me.. every day is an ideal day :D. Where it is bad or good.. coz bad or good is how I perceive it and my perception doesn't have to be true...


Neha said...

Lol a dreamy eyed teenager...who's quite idealistic..lots of times! I learn the hard way you see :)!

Hehe and its good that everyday is an ideal day for you..i'm still striving for that to happen for me!!

And hey! u didnt comment on the other posts tht u promised to comment on! Munir bro, you're slipping :P:P!!

Kidding! Thanx for the comment!

chand_tare said...

Lol you call ur day impractical?? nevadaless...i luved it, very descriptive, very dreamy, i reli felt lyk i was seein ur perfect day happenin in front of my eyez!! and da thing is, ur perfect day CAN happen (xcept 4 da whole everyfin bein made itself part...hmmm...mb u cud get 1 of ur frendz or family 2 volunteer on ur 21st bday :P u noe...b ur personal slave 4 da day! we had 1 of those slave auction days in skool...i got bought for a pound (:-|) and had 2 do woteva da person hu bought me asked me 2!!) so yeh..ima sure nehy, kabhi na kabhi, kahi na kahi..u WILL get ur perfect day!

my day..involves a lot of running around trees wid anil kapoor :P LOL jokz...its jus dat beta was jus on TV :P bt yeh it wud b totali unbelievable...and not at all calm...involving loads of travelling, loads of partying..u noe :P:P and aww ur perfect outfit sounds sooo gorjus...ul hav 2 show me!! mine wud prom dress :)and of course dat wish dat i DNT hav a bad hair day every day :P loll

yesss munir bro...u are slipping...dis is simply NOT acceptable!! detention!!

me :)

P.S: omg nehy rnt u proud?? dis is da 1st tym im commentin wid my very own blog ID on ur little bloggy thing :D

Neha said...


Aww how sweet girl! I dont know if my perfect day will ever come true...but i surely like that 21st bday gift idea!! :D! Now...all i have to do is find someone to do it all for me!!!

Your perfect day sounds exciting and funnn!! Just what i thought your perfect day would be :)!!

Thanx for commenting..from ur new id!!!


Rebellion said...


That was such a cute post dear. Loved it :)

My ideal day would be very very much similar.. The only difference would be DANCE... that was missing in yours, has to be a part of MY ideal day :)

Loved your day.. as I told you, there's a kid in everyone and you woke the kid in me (abhi abhi to mushkil se sulaya tha yaar! :P) Seriously, it was tooo cute, esp the frnds at picnic wala part :)

Changa hai.. hope your ideal day comes soon & much more than once :)

I pray you end every day with the note in your diary that you love your life :)

Take care dear,

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