Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Just another day...

Its 12:50 am...and I'm awake just because I don't want to go to sleep. Yes its that time of the night when I'm thinking to myself why the hell i'm not going to bed since I have to wake up early tomorrow and do lots of things that need to be done. Sleep is screaming to be allowed to have an affect on my brain, but the stubborn part of me just doesn't want to close her eyes and end this day... Its not even that the day was a perfect one. There were good and bad moments. In fact, today was such a well-balanced day, in which I experienced an entire spectrum of emotions. Starting from a looming calm that swept over me in the morning, to a gloomy boredom while I was sitting in class. From the free-electron-like hyperactive energy, to the tired lethargy. From a fit of uncontrollable laughter to a blood-boiling ravenous rage. From a sudden sense of loneliness to a heart-warming knowledge of being cared for...

It wasn't a special day at all. I probably wont even remember what I did today in a couple of days. There was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary or something I would particularly like to remember. And yet...its days like this that I always want to keep in some part of my memory. As it inevitably turns out, when we look back on our lives, we tend to recall those rare special and unique days which were laden with events that occur either rarely or just once. Our memories are so full of the extra-ordinary that we tend to completely overlook the simple marvel of the ordinary. The hundreds of millions of moments that we go through everyday, add a little tiny piece to the constantly built tower of lifetime memories and I'd love it if I could remember as many of these little building-blocks as possible...

Its late...but I dont want to go to sleep. Maybe I'm scared that sleep will capture this day's moments and lock them up in that forgotten closeted part of my brain. I know that tomorrow i'll wake up and not remember half of these moments I so want to hold on to today. But I guess, thats how things really are...thats how they'll be...What I can do is write what I want to remember...and then it'll be recorded forever...and I know its probably extremely boring to read and just seems like something so blatantly obvious, yet its these little simplicities that make my day..that have made my life....

I wake up by the sound of the alarm on my phone, take about an hour to get ready and then leave home once I'm satisfied ( or sometimes just give up) with how I look. I leave home and take the metro, which is around a 20 minute trip to the place where I get the tram from. I like the tram ride usually, since it gives me time to look around at the hustling-bustling city while I deftly zoom by. Once off the tram, I usually stop by at my favorite coffee place, have a cup of coffee, meet my friends and with them go to class. After a few hours of attending lessons, taking notes ( umm...), exchanging pleasantries with people ( socializing is such an important part of our everyday lives...), I set out to go back home. Since at least 2-3 of my friends are always going in the same direction, we just leave together. I dont like going back home alone.
We talk about the day and how it went, and discuss about the next day and what we want to do then. We joke, we laugh, we tease, we console....just normal everyday conversations between friends. Well, so once I get home, I usually spend my time online or watching a movie or reading or listening to music...very ordinary usual things. By nightfall, I eat dinner and then watch a movie on the computer mostly.....
......then late night, I sit and wonder how was the day...and the answer that comes to me and the only answer that makes me want see the next day ....is that it was Just Another Day....

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

The Passing Stranger

Around an unexpected dingy corner,

was a window of overwhelming light,
which brought from the midst of heaven,
the passing stranger's very first sight.

A simple handshake was the first touch,
an exchange of words came right behind,
since that moment of everyday magic,
a new life entered the lonesome mind.

The stranger carrying a divine gift,
through a mental guard smiled his way,
the present which was given to him,
was a clean soul and a hopeful ray.

Time swooned musically by,
and made the bond grow deep,
till the roots of the melodic cord,
make fresh buds of smiles reap.

The stranger found an identity,
that of an irreplaceable friend,
perhaps a bit more than that,
a more which met an unpleasant end.

The friend's title still remained,
and so it will till forever more,
before he left for distant lands,
that is a promise by which he swore.

An unending night-out and some tea,
a silent tear and a gleaming smile,
marked an era's definite finale,
the passing stranger who stayed just a while,
went further away, crossing many a mile...