Thursday, 19 July 2007

Everyday Miracles

There are so many stories starting with "once upon a time" that sometimes feel that only upon that time were things as rosy and happy as the stories portray. Some months back I wrote about how fairy-tales cannot be reality and how we all search for a fairy-tale miracle in our own lives. Keeping that aside, I say that miracles do happen, but they're not enchanted and magical as they fairy-tales show them to be. Fairy-godmothers, seven dwarfs, charming princes, ginger-bread houses...sound so wonderfully unreal. Yet, miracles take place, almost everyday, every moment and they're real and tanglible...just not glorified enough to be written and told for children to read and picture.

How, you may ask, can I be so confident of that? Well, because some things in life just dont have any explanation. To avoid the simple ambuitguity of these happenings, the easiest way is to name them "miracles". But in my eyes, they're not starry, bewitched happenings but happen for a reason and in the most unexpected situations. My idea of miracles doesn't only involve the result as "living happily ever after"...and at times it leaves people worse off in some ways than they were....but what these miracles do is make those people stop and think and reconsider their lives and priorities.

Simple everyday happenings are more magical to me than any spells or fancy potions or glittery enchantments. Isn't it almost miraculous to turn and see the most breath-taking sunset...with the sky painted like a pallet of orange, pink and red...with the gliding clouds just merging with the vastness of the diminishing light.

To me, its magical to be able to make that one perfect drawing..with the mind sort of pouring on to the paper and reproducing a replica of your imagination.

It might not seem so..but I find it miraculous that something bad happens to you, and the people who you can really count upon are just there to support you. You dont need to look twice, or ask or expect, they're just there for you. The warmth that fills your heart is just a proof of an occured miracle.

Magic is almost sprouting from the moments with friends, where you're laughing so hard, you feel like you're going to burst and tears are rolling down your eyes, yet you want to never stop, and the moment to never end...for the laughter to go on and the humour to infiltrate into a permanent position in that spatial moment.

Don't you feel almost enchanted when after a week of studying for an exam you finally take it thinking that you should have studied an hour, a day, a minute more....and then upon receiving the grades find out that you've infact scored the highest possible?

Would you not call it a miracle when you're on the road, walking along and thinking of a friend ...then turn around and see that very person walk towards you, also saying that he/she was thinking about you?

Miracles happen everyday is up to us to identify them. Once that's done, even the worst days will brighten by the hope of an everyday miracle...

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Magic voice

Swarming late night breeze ,
through the half-open door,
gently ruffling the girl's hair,
crouching in a corner on the floor.

Clutching onto her knees,
tightened grip, trembling touch,
tears freshly staining her cheeks,
teeth clattering, an abnormal hush.

Looking out, down below,
hard inviting greenery lay,
anticipated pain, fearful heart,
body meeting land, perhaps today.

Sudden ring, injured silence,
flashing lights on a telephone,
unsteady fingers grope around,
and answer to a familiar drone.

Familiar warmth, comforting voice,
ample concern seething,
River of emotion, her eyes flow,
quivering lips, quickened breathing.

Slowly sewing wounds and cuts,
reassured surely, heart mending,
infiltrating affectionate sounds,
the impending doom descending.

Working magic, a friend's words,
feeling wanted, looming charm,
Someone cares, if she lives,
Someone hurts, at her harm.

Looking out, down below,
the ground loses its welcome,
fear departs, lingering shiver,
not today, perhaps never.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Panic Attack

With full force and great surprise,
halting moments into frozen quiet,
once in a while, comes an instant,
enough to alone spark a riot.

With eyes closed to the outside,
nebulous brain and muffled sound,
tingling heart and pounding limbs,
tumultuous blood gushing around.

Quivering lips and harrowed brow,
trembling hands, shaken plight,
frantic groping through emptiness.
runs amok a shiver of fright.

Looming low, triggered mood,
doors closing tightly in,
walled in a timeless place,
life becomes a committed sin.

Grudgingly the tingling leaves,
behind lingers a mental pain,
sinking heart, drowning tears,
familiar emotions, dreaded terrain.
Moment passes quickly by,
damage though is lasting long,
deepest wounds healed with time,
hoping that it be not wrong.