Monday, 16 August 2010

Two Cups of Tea

The setting sun, the perfect setting,
For light conversation and deep talks,
Rain drizzling, musical sounds,
Two cups of tea, some long walks.

The dew on leaves, the colour green,
The scent of freshly wet mud,
Cold water under bare feet,
Blooming white orchids, a new-born bud.

The drifting smells of frying snacks,
The tingling jangle of wind chimes,
The unruly breeze blows long tresses,
The background music, soothing rhymes.

The feel of your palm against mine,
The sound of your laughter, your dimple,
Your gentle pat, your soft whispers,
Your words so clear and simple.

We stand together holding hands,
Watching the roaring deep blue sea,
On the terrace we stand embracing,
Just you, me and two cups of tea...


Monday, 9 August 2010

Silent Scream

The voice in my head,
screams itself hoarse,
"Help, I desperately need",
It screeches with force.

Every muscle, every bone,
Every tissue, every vein,
Cries to be heard,
Tortured, in so much pain.

Every nerve is calling out,
every tear pleading,
every gasp for breath,
every hope receding.

Please hear me scream,
the sounds have died down,
Let me live, let me breathe,
Please let me not drown.

Silent screams of help,
leave my eyes and frown,
Please listen to the pleas,
Please let me not drown.