Monday, 17 October 2011

If Only

If only you had asked,
For me to stay for long,
If only you had said,
That my leaving was wrong.

If only there was loss,
In your unshaken tone,
If only, for that once,
Some feeling you had shown.

If only there was longing,
In your stone cold eyes,
If only there was pain,
In your somber goodbyes.

If you had only done,
What I secretly wished you had,
If only you had seen,
The breaking of my heart.

But these are just talks,
of the mere wishful kind,
the distance has grown,
You have left my mind.

But fool that I am,
Cannot help but wonder,
If only you had asked,
If only, If only...

Sunday, 16 October 2011

If you see me someday

If you see me some day,
From somewhere afar,
Don't cross that path,
Don't wave, don't shout,
Don't make any sound,
To make me look,
Don't move in a way,
To make me turn.

For I will wither there,
Standing will I wilt,
I will crumble before you,
A palace of playing cards,
A sand castle hit by the sea,
A sailboat in a storm,
Like ignited wood,
I will burn, I will burn.

If you ever see me someday,
From somewhere afar,
I plead, I pray,
Please walk away.