Wednesday, 18 January 2006

Singing Attempts with Dad
"Ranjish hi sahiiiiIeeieieie" I croak.
"Ouch", my dad nicely encourages her only daughter's (non) singing abilities.
"What dad? That was not in sur kya?", I ask. Yep, accepting a hint is not my forte.
"Oh of course it was in sur...just not the Right one!", Dad grins
"Yeah whatever dad, I'm gonna practise it till I get it right," I retort, with a stubborn determination on my face. At the same time, there's a look of absolute horror on my dad's visage, as if someone told him to eat mouldy bread, with blue spots of fungus as prominent as Bush's stupidity.
"Why dont we do something Else in our Father-daughter time?"he says, trying his best to save himself at the last minute.
"Nooo dad, now u have to listen and tell me when I get it right," I insist. Its funny you know, I'm not really as dumb as I might seem sometimes. For Real..I'm not kidding...Seriously. Argh..Fine Dont belv me! But what i'm getting at is that, I usually see signs of people trying to not make me do something. Well, this time it was my own dad, and even though i saw signs, I just carried on. Yeah, call me spoilt, but thats how it was.
So I went on. "Ranjish hIieeIIIeee saheieiii", and that hurt my own ears, so I very nicely just put a finger on one ear.
"That is SO unfair,"my dad pipes up, " you put a finger on your own ear, and Expect ME to listen!"
I laugh. And then ignore him and go on. My eyes closed, full concentration, hands moving like those singers I see in Saregamapa.
2 mins later, i open my eyes, and look at my dad for...ahem...Compliments.
The only thing is, My dad's not there. He's in the other room, nicely talking to my mom...while I shatter some glass in the neighbour's house.
Sigh, I guess you cant just annoy anyone you want. Not even your own dad! He just walks away!!

Between Times of Torture

The time between two exams is a rather strange one. You're done with the first, and thinking about the other. Since the gap is rather large ( 10 days to be precise), there's this back-of-the-mind thought that there's a lot of time left to study. At the same time, there's this impending guilt and a voice in your head, which amazingly sounds like your mom's, yells something like "Study NOW you fool!". So while you're battling the urge to tear all your hair out in frustration, *To study, or Not To Study*, That is the question!

As it invariably always happens, the "not to study" part of the question wins and once again, I'm left studying a night before the exam, till 2 in the morning, with my dad shaking the walls with his booming voice, yelling at me for not having studied before. Sigh, I guess you win some, you lose some!

Wednesday, 4 January 2006

My first step into a crazy, mystical, exciting new world...!!

After scorning this system of keeping an "online diary" for quite a while, I just had to bite the bait in the end and create a blog of my own. Its natural human instinct to be tempted, and the idea of writing my thoughts out in an unleashed way was just to tempting to ignore for long. So after labelling this Blog system as LAME many times, I too find myself here, doing what I love the most...writing!! that was my share of rather serious, and inevitably random thoughts. Now lets come to the real "ME" part...where sense doesnt make any sense whatsoever! I didnt title my blog "Random Ramblings" for nothing...I truly, honestly pledge to be random and rant to the fullest. And being a silly-little teenager, I dont think that would be a problem. All teenage girls come equipped with a ready-made "non-sense" talk package, which includes lots of giggles, tons of uncontrolled laughter, a sack full of brainless ideas and a handfull of (high!) hopes and dreams, all strung together with a string of parties, rebelling and lots of stupid mistakes.

So yes, in that way, I can claim to be a normal teenaged girl, if there exists something like a "Normal" teenager that is...