Monday, 8 February 2010


A friend told me a couple of days back, that I'm truly blessed. Made me think a lot about how and why he thinks that. Then I realized that I felt that too. Nothing specific happened, just moments and realizations that mean so much..
  • I go around my room to find notes attached to my closets and drawers saying, "Keep Smiling"..placed there very discretely by a couple of my friends who decided to show up and my place to surprise me! The moment I saw them that day, made me feel blessed..
  • The very firm knowledge of the fact that no matter what, my family is and will always be there for me.
  • Getting a message which started with, "I was thinking of you yesterday....", reminds me that someone somewhere is thinking about me..
  • The warmth of a tight bear hug.
  • Having someone to wipe my tear.
  • Hearing from someone else, that a friend told him I was special...and had to be made to feel that way.
  • Feeling comfortable enough around a group of people to be at my silliest best.
  • A smile, which says, I understand without your words.
  • Being able to call someone in the middle of the night and be made to feel like it's absolutely fine..
  • A friend breaking down because he can't see me going through a tough phase..
  • When a friend understands that something is wrong, even when you just say "Hello" on the phone.
  • The feeling, of bliss, when a group of friends stand around and simply laugh together...

I guess, for the time being, these are more than enough reasons to make me feel blessed. I live for these moments, I cherish them, I thrive in them and they make me feel alive...make me want to live...