Sunday, 18 June 2006

Cliffs and Friends

The final steps to an end,
And not alone do I stand,
People came along as I strode,
The friends who hold my hand.

Together we crossed the breezy shores,
And united we raced the gushing stream,
Passed such paths of rocks and dust,
Which to cross alone I could only dream.

Rifts were there as cliffs were formed,
Mountains of steal we stood aside,
A blue quivering stripe of water,
Between the cliffs forever reside.

The string of blue broadened up,
As the mountainous cliffs it intersects,
What would be before barely seen,
Into a mighty river it collects.

The stream and river given a name,
Would friendship be for instance known,
As thin it does between the rift,
But flowing and full it sheers the zone.
The rift closes as mountains meet,
And the stream of rich green-blue,
Gushes with the utmost force,
Forming a fall so strong and clean.

Once again the friendship blooms,
Stagnant and drained, down and away,
With cliffs of feeling and love,
And sturdy mountains welcoming another day...


Rebellion said...

WOW Neha...

That was such an awesome poem :)

Loved it all the way...
Keep Writing dear..

Take care,
Aarti :)

PS: Waiting for more dear >:D<

Neha said...


Just posted it on your request :)...glad you liked it! More...yeah..more will be posted later :)!


Nirwa said...

Nice one, Neha..

Sadly, I never think so much! :-)

But yes, it was nice reading it!

Keep them coming! :D


Neha said...


lol..not thats not sad yaa..its not good to think so much! You become crazy like me if u do that :P! But i guess, you dont have to fear getting already are :D!!

Hehe! thanx for commenting!

chand_tare said...


uv managed da impossible nehy! 4 1 of da first tymz in her lyf, chandy is rendered speechless! i particularly luved da lines.." The rift closes as mountains meet, And the stream of rich green-blue, Gushes with the utmost force, Forming a fall so strong and clean..." sooo beautiful!!

me :)

Neha said...

lol chandy...dunno about impossible..but if chandy is surely must be a rare occasion :P! Kidding!

Hehe thanx for the praise! Am glad u liked the poetry :)!


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