Thursday, 22 June 2006

The Death of A Dream

Through a whimsical and frisky
Discreetly passing thought,
Is conceived the first seed,
Of a faint hope so sought.

The passion and wishes,
Mingle in the silks of mind,
And procreate a magical vision,
Blessed to a being of an enchanted kind.

As visions adjoin one at a time,
The growth of a hope becomes mature,
Becoming a glittering shining dream,
That the embracing eyes gladly endure.

Then the skies of fate hit,
Blinding lethal streaks strike,
Which sheer the heart and soul,
Of the infant dream and hope alike.

The crash comes quicker than,
A vigilantly designed pack of cards,
And soon it’s the moment when,
The dream is sliced to miniscule shards.

The infant of a hope struggles,
Gasping for air from a life-bubble,
But death is all that bursts into light,
From the broken choking rubble.

The inert corpse of a dream,
Bids a departing soul adeau,
Into a world of heartless entity,
A place called stark Reality.



Rebellion said...

Awesome poem Neha :)

It just hits you direct in the heart.. Very very deep and beautfully put together in words..

As usual, excellently expressed, don't really have the right words to praise it!!

Keep writing dear..
Don't worry, be happy..
God Bless You..

Take care,

jedi said...

Very nice!

you will soon build another dream on the ruins of this one. It will all work out in the end.

Keep writing Neha


Neha said...


:) You dont need to praise it...just reading it was enough! Thanx for commenting!


I'm I can do :)! Thanx for dropping by and leaving a comment!


Munir said...


Remember that story of a spider? We all have to keep trying until we succeed. Only way out. And without dreaming, you cannot strive to achieve it. There can only be two results - success or failure. And we more or less feel that we get more failures than successes. But that shouldn't stop us from dreaming again and again. Because in the end, you must dream to succeed. :D

That post made me pensive...


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