Sunday, 26 August 2007

Top Ten "To-Do" Things

As i'm very often reminded, I have a lot to do in life. A lot to accomplish, a lot to achieve and a hell of a lot to sort out. Everyday, when people tell me about the "things I have to do", somewhere at the back of my mind I pamper a thought...what is it that I want to do?

Finally, after years and months of rendering this thought, I thought I should actually visualise a list of the top things, in life, that I want to do.

Disclaimer: Some of this might seem lame, you can laugh, but then I'll have to kill you. goes...

10. Go for a holiday on a quiet island, with lots of palm trees and little cottages. With helpful natives and no telephone network! Spend a summer there, not doing anything. Well...not doing anything useful, lets say.

9. Be able to round up enough courage to be able to sing in front of a crowd of people. Also, it would be nice to magically disappear after that, escaping the rotten eggs coming my way....

8. Have a proper conversation, maybe even spend a day, with someone famous, preferably someone in Media, and really get to know the secret to their success.

7. After 10 years of going different ways, be able to round up all my friends in one place and have a reunion. Perhaps even spend a weekend together holidaying in some resort, and reliving old times, while building new fond moments that will need to be remembered at the next reuinion!

6. Go on a back-packing trip across India with my cousin, and visit all those places i've always wanted to see. Of course, the funds, safety and hygenic conditions would just conviently appear...

5. Write a book...more importantly find at least 10 people who will want to read my book. Once they read it, I promise, i'll take the gun off their heads.

4. Stay in touch with my best friends forever...and ever and EVER.

3. Have a family of my own. Build a life with someone with whom I can talk to about anything, everytime, all the time! Someone who'll make me laugh, someone whose absense will make me want to cry, someone who will understand my neuroticism, and tolerate my insanity. Someone who'll let me weep on his shoulder for as long as I want, and someone who will love me for who I am. Ok, waking up now...moving on...

2. Be respected, if not that successful, in any career that I choose, and be satisfied with the profession I go into.

1. Build a house, and a home, in a good part of town...and build a life towards a "happily ever after".

I think now would be a good time to quote....

"Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so you shall become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil. "
By James Allen


Anonymous said...

There is a saying that you have to dream first in order to achieve the dreams. Anyways, top 10 things to do.. well you can kill me but but but I cannot stop myself.. hahahahahahahahahahahaha... LOL.. Anyways, kind of life partner you are looking for is very rare, probably nonexistent. But there are some things in life you can definitely achieve - like building a house and going on a trip across India.. etc etc.. Preserve this list sister, and just check the items one by one when you turn them into reality. :-) It is a good way to give yourself morale booster.


Neha said...

oooooh....i'm sending mafia men after you now :p! Bewareeee..:p!
Hehe yeah, i know such a man is rare...that's why i called this a dream :)!

There's still sooooo much time for these things to be brought to reality..i'll definitely keep this list in mind though :)!

Thanx for commenting bro!

i 7 said...

may all dreamz come true ;)

Anonymous said...

hey neha,

your top ten things will come true.. its not that radicalafter all!!

BUT as for,

"someone who will understand my neuroticism, and tolerate my insanity. Someone who'll let me weep on his shoulder for as long as I want,"

you can forget it... we men cant stand that...haha... unless of course the man has a can of beer with him :) then its tolerable. hah

just me dropping into to bullshit :)


Neha said...

Hey van!

Haha...yeah, i kinda figured i was asking for too much there :p!....oh well...i'll keep the beers at hand i guess :p!

Thanx for dropping by to bullshit! Keep doing so!!

Anonymous said...

So what ya doing these days i dont see you on msn ( well neither m i :) )


Neha said...

I'm studying studying studying...its a depressing time :P! When're u coming back? Chiara and Consty are back already...Adele's also coming back tonight

TinTin said...

Well, it is indeed lame :)

The Anonymous said...

Everyone should see this.. Enjoyy!

Jedi said...

Certainly not anything that can't be achieved. except maybe for the island and the dream partner bit..

Lets hope you get to do all that. 8 out of 10 aint bad!

Miss Moneypenny on my dictation said...

The first thing I noted is that you have a fine sense of humour, and you know how to convert it to good writing too! ('Also, it would be nice to magically disappear after that, escaping the rotten eggs coming my way....', 'Once they read it, I promise, i'll take the gun off their heads.', etc)
It's good to have a utopian wishlist -- helps one to strive towards realizing its contents, and striving is what satisfaction with life is about.
Point # 6... Ah, that is one of my life-wishes too... To see for myself all the exotics. Hmmm.
As for point # 3, yes, such men exist. Only a handful, still they do walk this earth. Worry not, you will find one.

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