Sunday, 8 October 2006

Day Dream

A monotonous voice echoed through the class of a hundred something dazed, trying-their-best-to-pay-attention students, who cursed themselves for choosing to attend the friday afternoon class. The sun invitingly shone outside, as if probing the drowsy bunch of people into breaking through the glass doors, into the warmth of the April sun and the freshness of the newly blossomed garden.

The drab voice continued, working as a tranquilizer which sedated the minds of the young bunch. Naina, sitting in the last row, had her head resting on her arms, which were on the desk, and was trying her best not to let her eyes droop. Blinking very often, and drinking water frequently, she vehemently fought the sleep that seemed to creep over her..a poison seeping through the pores of her skin, into her flowing bloodstream, right upto her brain which was already working at a lazy pace. The voice went through her ears, but her brain refused to transfer the data into anything remotely coherent. The voice worked its magic, and the sleep crept up faster.

In this drugged state of mind, the thoughts wandered. Naina found herself in the midst of a dream, seen with open eyes. She contentedly settled for a visual story, which her mind was starting to read out for her. The dream took her back to her room, and she saw herself sleeping peacefully in bed. A soft ray of sunlight was gently touching her face, making her stir. Just as she slowly opened her smiling eyes, her phone rang. She answered, and the smiling eyes became a grinning face, as she heard the voice of the guy she loved at the other end. "Goodmorning Sunshine", he greeted her, which made her heart flutter in excitement. Naina tucked deeper into the covers, feeling the warmth of the quilt, which materialised into the warmth of the voice of the love of her life. They talked, enjoying the playful friendliness with which they addressed each other. After about an hour of a heart-warming conversation, they settled to meet for lunch. She got out of her bed, with a smile on her face, a sprint in her step and a song on her lips.

Into the shower she went, treating herself to a warm comforting shower, while she sang to her heart's desire. Naturally, only the most romantic songs that she'd ever heard came to her head at the moment, as she happily pampered herself. Out of the shower, she took her time to select the perfect outfit, which was a pair of jeans and a black short kurta. Slipping into comfortable heels, Naina strolled downstairs for breakfast, after which she grabbed her purse and strutted outside. As she stepped outside, the morning freshness collided with her, and a whiff of flowery scent reached her. She took a deep breath and set out for a stroll.

After ten minutes of walking, she reached her destination...the public garden. She lush green grounds welcomed her, as she walked through the soft grass to her favourite spot under a huge tree with wide branches. Under the tree, she settled, and took out a romantic novel. As the spring breeze trickled through her tresses, making them sway lightly, she sat in the tranquility of the morning and read to her heart's desire, about another girl's romantic desires. As she reached the happy ending, she sighed with satisfaction and got up to leave.

At a leasurely pace Naina walked to the café by the park, overlooking a little lake. As she reached it, her heart almost skipped a beat as she caught sight of his tall frame standing outside the café, with a tender softness on his pleasant face. As she approached him, he stepped forward and from behind his back, brought out one single long stemmed rose. As she gracefully accepted it, she couldnt help simple happiness from infiltrating every cell of her body. He bent down and swept her into a warm hug, which in an instant gave her the feeling of protection, of security. Then, he took her hand and led her to the table reserved for them, which overlooked the lake. They went through lunch, without ever taking their eyes off each other. All the laughter, the gazing, the uninterrupted talking radiated their love for each other and reeked of a unbreakable bonding.

After lunch, Naina took over as the leader, and gently putting her arm through his, she led him to her favourite spot. The tree became their gracious host and spreads its shade to make a welcoming seclusion for them. They sat together, and moments seem to stand still. Time, which promised to never wait for anyone, seemed to have forgotten to move, as Naina sat, lost to the rest of the world, completely charmed by the presence of the one person in the world who made her feel like she was special...Birds chirped...sounds buzzed...nothing mattered..only him...only him....


She was jerked off from her parting dream and looked up to see her friend standing by her. Disoriented for a moment, she lingered through two realities. One which she had created herself, and one which had created her. She looked around and realised that the torturous class of the friday afternoon had ended..but then, so had her dream. She shrugged, smiled at her free-flowing imagination, blamed the humdrum voice of the teacher and walked out of the class with her friend....Continued till the next time, she thought to herself.


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