Monday, 26 June 2006

The Gift

Through darkened hidden alleys,
with shadows of stranded desires,
the seeking searching silent form,
crosses those never-ending passages.

Walls so high and reach so low,
that heavens' gift to earth,
the sole gift of light and hope,
cannot penetrate the dissillusioned shields.

Then, strikes a lightening bolt,
the camouflaged barely human form,
is outlined against the dark aura,
and the lost gift softly seeps through.

Streaming in, the spring waters of freshness,
illuminate those concealed alleyways,
watering the dying roots of dreams,
which once to the fullest blossomed.

The first touch of the gift,
on a forgotten barely human soul,
frees the long captured thoughts,
and reborn are the wiltering flowers,
buried in which, live the dreams too.

The opening to the skies above,
welcomes with it, starry sparks,
tottering along in an impatient search,
of the gentle breeze, the amourous wind,
to carry itself into a full-fledged flame.

Secretly though, also finds entry,
a corrupted thorn of sharpened fear,
the corner ahead and a new path,
and those unexpected dark streets,
where the illuminated bolt,
might give not way, to light again.



Rebellion said...


And you said this crap Neha??!!! X-(

You're a fool to call this crap.. Its such a wonderful piece of your thoughts.. you write with such depth yaar!! Phew!!! I can't even think of writing something soo nice & deep :)

Great one dear.. keep them coming okay :)

Take care,

Munir said...

Wow... that was awesome... I read it again today.. LOL.. I told you, it takes time for me to understand poetry type of stuff.

:) As my Mom says, Good people deserve good things and good people in the end do get good things, its just a little more struggle.. :D


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