Wednesday, 4 January 2006

My first step into a crazy, mystical, exciting new world...!!

After scorning this system of keeping an "online diary" for quite a while, I just had to bite the bait in the end and create a blog of my own. Its natural human instinct to be tempted, and the idea of writing my thoughts out in an unleashed way was just to tempting to ignore for long. So after labelling this Blog system as LAME many times, I too find myself here, doing what I love the most...writing!! that was my share of rather serious, and inevitably random thoughts. Now lets come to the real "ME" part...where sense doesnt make any sense whatsoever! I didnt title my blog "Random Ramblings" for nothing...I truly, honestly pledge to be random and rant to the fullest. And being a silly-little teenager, I dont think that would be a problem. All teenage girls come equipped with a ready-made "non-sense" talk package, which includes lots of giggles, tons of uncontrolled laughter, a sack full of brainless ideas and a handfull of (high!) hopes and dreams, all strung together with a string of parties, rebelling and lots of stupid mistakes.

So yes, in that way, I can claim to be a normal teenaged girl, if there exists something like a "Normal" teenager that is...


Tanmay said...

Hey Nenners,

Not a bad start, though your usual punch was slightly missing in this post. But that's maybe because you are still new to the world of blogging and would take some time to get "aclamatised". :)

I loved the way you described the general traits of all the teenage gals. They can be sweet, irritating, weird and caring at the same time. ;)

So I'm the first one to comment on your first blog ever. Lucky me to enter this virgin territory. :p

Nirwa said...

wooohoooo!!! :)

Neha's here!! :) :)

Welcome Neha!! :)

Anonymous said...


i am looking forward to reading more from you!!

keep writing!

good luck,

No Einstine HuH said...

Hey There....

Blog blog blog and Blog...


Shatter more keys...™

Anonymous said...

Well...i'd b lying if i sed that urs was the 1st blog i'd read...coz it isn't (:P) but it's definitely the sweetest! :)

lol onlyn diary...reminds me of DMM wen she has her whole diary on her computer sans a password! I had her deepest darkest secrets on it (ironic on a blog site :P)

And Nehy...any girlies...whether teenage or not are adorable! *smiles sweetly*...we're all "unique" :P

Cya later huni,
Chandra x

Crime Master Gogo said...

Oh wow! I am again late here. Welcome to the blogging world. Lekin yeh kya, you copied the title of your blog from mine? :P :P :P :P and some more :Ps in Chandru style :D

Keep blogging and I will keep coming here.


Neha said...


Heheh..usual punch was overcome by lots of confusion! i'm still trying to figure out how exactly this Blog thing works!! All new ballgame!

Was fun though :D! And hey! i said teens are sweet...said nothing about irritating :P! Well i guess thats a given :D!

Thanx for commenting!

Neha said...



Woohoooo i'm corrupt another territory with my faltoo rambling!!

:D! YAY!

Neha said...


Hehe..I'm looking forward to read from u too...we joined this blog world together...and will ruin it together :D!

What say? :D

Neha said...


Hehe..No Einstein...thats for SURE :D!!

but theek hai, chalta hai..:D!

Thanx for commenting dude!

Neha said...


Hehe, yeah online diary is what it is! I found the concept really wierd pehle...but now i'm hooked too :p!

And lol..yeah, reminds me of DMM too..putting her diary on the comp was STUPID!!

Anyways, thanx for commenting girl!!

Neha said...



Arre, yeh main kya sun rahi hoon...I copied the name from ur blog?? :O:O:O!! Yeh kaise ho gaya!! hehe..

Khair, ab jo ho gaya so ho gaya :D!!
Thanx for commenting!!


Supremus said...


Look who's here!!

HELP HELP HELP - HELP This blogosphere - a crazy girl has taken over!!

Har Har!! On second thoughts welcome :D. Lets live and kill each other :P


Anonymous said...

kill eachother? :O

:P hav fun Nehy

Chandy Shandy

Neha said...

Lord Supremus,

Yes...i came, I saw, I conqured ( wah wah, wah wah :P)...i swear these words were written for me!!

To Kill or Not to Kill..That is the question!!! :D!


Neha said...

Chandy Shandy,

To kill each other "mentally"...yeah, we're experts at that already :P!