Wednesday, 18 January 2006

Between Times of Torture

The time between two exams is a rather strange one. You're done with the first, and thinking about the other. Since the gap is rather large ( 10 days to be precise), there's this back-of-the-mind thought that there's a lot of time left to study. At the same time, there's this impending guilt and a voice in your head, which amazingly sounds like your mom's, yells something like "Study NOW you fool!". So while you're battling the urge to tear all your hair out in frustration, *To study, or Not To Study*, That is the question!

As it invariably always happens, the "not to study" part of the question wins and once again, I'm left studying a night before the exam, till 2 in the morning, with my dad shaking the walls with his booming voice, yelling at me for not having studied before. Sigh, I guess you win some, you lose some!


Nirwa said...


Thats so true..

However, this realisation strikes me only while I'm answering my exams.. that I should have studied.. :(



Neha said...


Actually, i have 2 phases of realisation.
1. the night before when i'm panicking.
2. during the exam..when i'm panicking again!

So yeah..i know what u mean :D!


Crime Master Gogo said...

You know, it is so true! Its actually like what they show in movies, especially the bollywood ones. One side of your mind is like Ravana, urging you to get away from your studies and take some time off and the other side is pulling you to get on with your work and concentrate on the books for oh! just for a few more days. Needless to say which side wins.

I'm myself in a kinda similar situation. After my next exam on the coming saturday, the final one would be next week, Friday! A good 6 day gap. Sheesh, what am I gonna do in those 6 days? Dunno, for a start I'll catch up on some sleep and if weather permits, I'll take off with some friends to watch a movie or two :-)


Neha said...


hehe, i think all normal (ha!) people like you and me are in this situation...To do or not to do, To be or not to be, to Go or not to GO :P:P Er....u know what i mean :P!

Concentration is NOT my friend :p!


No Einstine HuH said...

The first few days i am relaxed as in the exams are over...infact i watch movies...then once again i love the pressure on me else i know i wont study :)

Shatter more keys...™

The Rebel said...

In these kinda gaps, I make a resolution that I'll study regularly "like a good boy" and take out leisure time too. But in the end what happens is I keep telling myself "ek din aur masti kar lete hain..." till it is THE FINAL DAY!!! I hope this doesnt happen with u in dis exam, though I won't entirely bet against it... :p

Supremus said...

Those who blog dont study :P. Now we know what you were upto instead of studying.

Padhai karo bachchi :P

Anonymous said...

soooo truee my dahling...i totali agree! I hav so much stats 2 do atm...the worst battle is the 1 with numbers and graphs *sob sob* :P But woteva...i'll recover by 2moro!

Ooo those voices...even with Mummy in India i can hear that "study now!" as if she wer standing rite beside me...then agen she dus fone lyk 5 tyms every day 2 make sure i am studying lyk a good girl! :P But then...i am a good girl aren't i nehy? Sidhi sadhi, bholi bhali :P:P:P heheh!

I once panicked during an English exam wen we wer sposed 2 rite on "how helpful the lessons we lern are"...and I being my foolish self thought the lessons wer referring 2 those we had in school...but reli they referred 2 the lessons of lyf (I swear we dnt lern about philosophy in English :S) But neway...i wrote 3 sides on how school lessons are rubbish...and thankfuli got an acceptable grade coz they mistook my stupidity 4 my imagination! :D

Anyway...enuff of my rambling need 2 fall asleep @ the computer :P I'm goin 2 fight with sum more statistics...:(

luv Chandy-Shandy (nice name btw...its lyk the Nehy and Ashi mix :P) xXx

P.S: Ooo u hav another blog 2 :D