Wednesday, 19 November 2008

My Wish

I was led here, by my unquenching thirst,
for a little bit more, for a time more fine,
for contentment and peace and bliss,
for that disobedient wish of mine.

In agony, I struggled and wriggled,
out of thorns' reach and fire's burn,
away from all tormented tempests,
only to faulter at the very last turn.

Fate's whip bore a deep gash in me,
the blood poured, the wounds screamed,
the bones pleaded, the hands shook,
as the tears rolled and smugly gleamed.

At last arrived the end of pain,
the ultimate goal, the journey's end ,
the doorway to a newfound place,
I walked forward, right over the bend.

Once crossed, the doorway closed,
the world beyond, a desert showed,
the colours of emptiness all around,
the barren land, the grey surround,
the rocky pave, the dry drowned air,
this was my wish, and I am here.


D said...

Another version of the greass is always greener on the other side (?)

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

Dude, you've been spending wayyy to much time in the sun.

And I lurveeeeee this poem. Very beautiful and moving.

Neha said...

D: Lol, yeah you can say that. My life is a lot about that phrase :P

Rambo: Haha, I KNOW! I went swimming the other day, and got tanned!! In November! Argh! Hehe thanx for the "luuuuuurve" :P

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