Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Mamma Mia, Here I Go Again!

It's been long. Wayyyy too long. But really, honestly and sincerely, I had *nothing* to write about! And how could I? It's not like there's anything major happening that I'd want to write about. Life's same old same old, and how often can you read about the same stuff? Right? Meanwhile, I've been lazying around, doing some introspection. After all the deep thinking and the mind rest, I have come to the conclusion that I can't sit idle anymore. I've thoroughly enjoyed giving my over-worked brain a break, but now it aches for something to do. So I've been actively researching for Post-graduate programs, and sending out my CVs to companies. Now, I'm actually looking forward for something to do, and so glad I decided to take a break from the rut. At least now, I know what I want to do, and am really motivated to pursue that goal and don't feel like I'm being forced into something. Some decisions, although controversial, *are* the right ones after all!

Anyway, in my "thinking time", I've been following the US Presidential Election campaigns. This year, its been amusing more than anything else. I've gone through all the debates, the videos, the advertisements, the speeches, the spoofs, the analysis, the polls....everything! And there's ONE person I want to comment on....

Sarah Palin is an airheaded ditz of an excuse for a politician. She has NO clue what she's talking about. She should stay put where she belongs...on some hockey field with her minivan and children's bags. Mainstream politics is not for her. Even though she may have seemed like a "breath of fresh air" according to McCain, now she just seems like a liability who falters and sputters in every interview. She has never answered a question directly without making a mess of matters, she has no idea how the US economy works, has no experience working or even interacting with world leaders, she can't go through a single interview without using the words "maverick", and the most annoying thing is, she goes around with the look and image of miss goody-two-folksy-homely-shoes which makes me want to puke! I wonder if she even knows where "Aye-Rack" (Iraq) is or what are the issues with Iran. Anyway, this lady has been my one-woman-entertainment for these last few months, so her interviews and public appearances are very much welcome!

Anyway, waiting eagerly for the elections to be held. The polls show the results already, but want to see the look in Palin's face once the final results are out. I bet her maverick self will have some priceless expressions!


Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

No, you can't desert me like tat and go back to work .. I thought we were in this together ... We were going to rule the world ....

*destroys masterplan*

are you happy now????

hmph .....

Okay, speaking of being really crazy, I have been following the election too being the political junkie I am. And the only sad thing about Sarah Palin losing is not being able to see Tina Fey mock her!!! :P :P

But, seriously, how can you even think of going back to work ...???

Neha said...

Rambooooooo: Lol..oh i've just started looking now. Seeing the rate at which things work around here...its gonna be a really long time before I actually find something :P! Oh salvage the masterplan...even if i'm working, I can take time out to rule the world with you :P! I'm soooooo sickeningly bored in this last resort is to find work :P!

Heheh ooooh Tina Fey is stupendous isnt she?? I've watched all the SNL videos of her imitating Palin! Fantastic!

Anyway thanx for ur comment Rambolicious!

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

So where is my favorite "maverick" on this side of the pacific, hiding??
I hope you haven't started working ... that'l be such a stab in the back !!! :P

Neha said...

Hehehehe No, I haven't started working :p! There's a bit of inertia when you go from a state of total immobility to some movement :p! i'm in the inertia phase right now! What i've been upto? Oh, a post coming right up :D

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