Tuesday, 10 April 2007

The Passing Stranger

Around an unexpected dingy corner,

was a window of overwhelming light,
which brought from the midst of heaven,
the passing stranger's very first sight.

A simple handshake was the first touch,
an exchange of words came right behind,
since that moment of everyday magic,
a new life entered the lonesome mind.

The stranger carrying a divine gift,
through a mental guard smiled his way,
the present which was given to him,
was a clean soul and a hopeful ray.

Time swooned musically by,
and made the bond grow deep,
till the roots of the melodic cord,
make fresh buds of smiles reap.

The stranger found an identity,
that of an irreplaceable friend,
perhaps a bit more than that,
a more which met an unpleasant end.

The friend's title still remained,
and so it will till forever more,
before he left for distant lands,
that is a promise by which he swore.

An unending night-out and some tea,
a silent tear and a gleaming smile,
marked an era's definite finale,
the passing stranger who stayed just a while,
went further away, crossing many a mile...

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