Saturday, 4 November 2006

Distracted Studying Blues

Student life is fun. Yeah, I'd say it is. College brings free time and independence with it, along with an added sense of responsibility. Well, the bad things get majorly cancelled out by the good stuff. If you have to attend boring lectures, at least there's a possibility to sit in the back row and write notes to your friend, discussing the cuties in the class ! If you have to keep track of all your classes and assignments yourself, at least there are other people around you, who also have the same things to keep a track of, so its not so bad. BUT...there's this one slight factor...which is a painful yet essential part of college life...its these dreaded Exams!!

I dont know how other universities work, but where I study, these wretched exams always seem to be just around the corner! If they're not around the corner, its even worse, cuz then, you're in the very Middle of them!! They have this endless characteristic about them...when they're about to start, they just seem to speed up the process and suddenly you realise...oh, I have an Exam Tomorrow!! And oh, I dont know Anything!! And oh, wait a sec, not only do I not know anything, I dont even have the material that I need! Then follows a panic-filled day of chaos, when you try to scram up all you can, try to stuff the material in your brain which is already on the verge of overflowing or just bursting open and splattering the contents all over!

Its not really that you end up scramming cuz you didnt realise till the last moment that you have to study...its more like, you try to study for a week, and just end up scramming at the last minute. A week earlier, like a good student, you sit with a book and your notes on the study table. You prepare everything..have the music playing softly, get a mug of coffee ready, make sure you have enough light, keep your phone close to you so you wont have to get up to answer it, make sure the door's closed so you dont hear any outside noise that might distract you, make sure that you have all the pencils sharpened, the calculater set, all the erasers, rulers, pens, paper ready...everything that you need!

After all this paraphernalia, you sit down, open the first page of the book, read a couple of pages, make some rigourous schemes in your notes...then, you glance up for a second...and there, on your computer you see a window flashing. Hmm, lemme just see who it is, just for a sec, you think. So you go over, thinking ( and hoping ) that it might be something important...Mostly, it isnt. Its usually a friend, who's bored and trying to study but...cant study cuz he/she's bored! So, like a good person, you exchange a few words, tell him/her that you're studying and then..just as you're about to say bye, POP, a new window opens! What is it this time, you wonder. Well, curiousity killed a cat is right, cuz of Course, you check this out too. Its usually just another bored friend, looking for company. So thats how it goes on, till you casually glance at the clock...and woops..and HOUR passed!! Ok I just have to go study now, you think to yourself. Fair enough, you shut off the messenger, and dont shut down the computer since your music's playing on it of course...

Well, so then, kicking yourself for wasting an hour just like that, you sit back down, and very determinedly open the book again. You start reading...the first para made sense, the second made sense too, the third, well, made a little less the 4th-5th paragraph, you forget what you read in the first paragraph. So, you go back, and oh, they make sense again. Good. So you read the end of the 2 have like completely lost interest...Then, you read a random word like, "party", which in the context of the book probably refers to a communist political party which does demonstrations every month. But thats not what you think of, the word "party" triggers off your memory to the last party you attended. You think about what you wore, what your crush wore, what you ate, what you drank...ahem ahem, you usually cannot remember that part! Well, then you think about all the conversations you had, how many times you flirted with the crush, how many foolish things you ended up doing. Oh, I wonder if ________( insert some friend's name here) uploaded the pics from the party! I just Have to see them, you excitedly think to yourself. So, unwillingly, giving in to your sudden urge to see how you looked in the party pics and to find out how many pics you have with your crush, you go back online, and see if your friend's online.

Like most extremely bored college kids, he/she probably is, also avoiding the extremely ardulous and mind-numbing act of studying. So, you talk to the friend, get the pics, and go offline again....just to make yourself indulge in some self-pity about not being online much, cuz oh, you're studying so much!

Well, eventually you do sit down, do some work, feed that guilty conscience of yours. But what can you do about that darn wandering mind? You're reading the most humdrum theories about microeconomics and trying to make heads and tales out of some complicated concept, which you're supposed have understood, well, dayyys ago, and that maverick mind of yours just refuses to cooperate! It goes out, and thinks about every possible thing in the world, except for that page that you're trying so hard to fit in your over-worked brain!

Yup, student life IS least we dont get fired for not doing our maybe...yelled at in a big-time mess maybe....ok, you get the point.
So to all those going through the same Studying Blues, here's a Best of Luck to you....may you be able to conquer that unruly mind of yours!

And now, I should stop writing, cuz guess what, I Have an exam in 2 days!! Adios amigos!


jedi said...

All this reminded me so much of my own student life. No matter what anyone says it really is very very difficult, especially at that age.

I always found it amazing how people could stay in locked up rooms and study for 6 or 7 hours at a stretch. They must kill their braincells and paralyse the left half of their brain or something.

Such people generally dont grow up to be very interesting I must say (although they have all the lucrative jobs :P )

How are you nenners ? Not around much these days.


Neha said...

Hehe yeah I cant figure out the "locked up in rooms and studying" funda till now either! The max attention span I have is an hour...max 2 hours! I think i'd choose to be interesting hell with the lucrative job!

I've been good Rads. Been busy with these evil exams ( as u just read :P). Read ur blog sometime back...will come back soon to read more! Will be back in action soon..!

Anyways, thanx for ur comment!

Crime Master Gogo said...

Surprise! Look who's here :)

Well, it somehow reminded me too of my own student life and especially of my time in class 12, when I had made an interesting observation in my dairy - that life is an exam. Believe me, I was so pissed off by those usual school exams back then that I felt that exams would end only when I finish my education.

And now that its finished, I still wonder that exams are really over or not because now they are of a different kind. Getting into a job, facing interviews, etc is in itself a big exercise which I'm sure you'll face with time. Plus there are situations that will test your character, attitude, endurance and everything you thought you had control over.

Life is indeed full of examinations!



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