Friday, 10 March 2006

5 Misconceptions about NRIs

Ah, what the heck! I'm in a list writing mood!! Having been an NRI for a major part of my life, it really amuses me when people come up with these typical stereotypes about NRIs. Its as if we're some different species, which people characterise in their own way. So these are some misconceptions that i often come across, in India.

1. All NRIs are filthy rich --- We would want to be, but the thing is...there is a Big difference between what you want and what you get. I want to be Sushmita Sen..but Am I?...HELL no!!

2. NRIs all have American accents when we speak in English and they forget their Indian Languages --- Irrespective of the fact whether you're an NRI from Srilanka, or one from Zambia, or Alaska, people kinda expect you to have the typical american accent and kinda have an "air" of foriegnness! NRIs least not ALL of them...dont forget their mother tongue, just because they've been out of India. I remember this, one year after moving out of India, when I visited home for the first time and called my friend, the first thing she told me was..."Arre, but you still speak Hindi". I wanted to reply, " Yes hunny, that part of my brain still exists you know, it doesnt go away just because i have a foreign visa stamped to my passport!"

3. NRIs are Non Returning Indians---BIG misconception. Its true that a lot of people who go out of India dont come back, or dont want to come back...but its also true that many DO want to go back to their country. Its not a One Way Trip.

4. NRIs are snobbish---another huge misconception! The thing is, its really unfair to generalise this snobbish characteristic on All existing NRIs. I mean, they do exist, obviously, but then they're not the only people who are snobbish. And not ALL of them are snobs.

5. NRIs forget how life is in India and cant survive if they decide to come back --- again, that is just a generalization. Its more of a matter of adaptation. I mean, why only NRIs...if a person from Delhi moves down south to Chennai..there will be adjustment problems. So its a myth that NRIs somehow cant get accostumed to India once they're out.

Can come up with some more...but I have to go now!
Happy Reading!


Chandy said...

im total agreein wid u!! i HATE da misconceptions bout NRIs...n speciali agree wid ur no.1...lyk dey say, u liv in Amrika, u pay in Amrika (munir dus liv in mata wot he sez :P)...n da snobbish 1...omg do we luk snobbish 2 ova ppl...wel...we may b shalow (:P), but still, iv seen sum india girlies who hav dere heds wayyyy up dere erm...da sky :P and guys 2 :P (wich is worse coz da girls normali hav an xcuse..da guys dnt ;))

and yeps...soo many ppl want 2 return 2 energeeland...urs truly and urself included :D

ahh wot da heck..i agree wid everyfin!

chandy x

Anonymous said...

I have been an NRI for over 14 years in Saudi Arabia...nw currently doing college in Chennai. Most ppl over here thought Gulf was all about sand, desert, camels and tents...many didnt even kno wat an NRI was...some kept treating me lik a foreigner. I don't think they get the concept of normal Indians just like themselves but Not Residing in India for an indefinite period of time. They expect NRIs to be fashion icons and think we do not kno Hindi, our mother-tongue or any Indian language...However, i must say that we NRI r more broad-minded n modern n mature n more honest than the Resident Indians...i see a lotta girls here who use emotional blackmail and manipulation to get what they want, rather than working hard to earn it !!!

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